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Her life

Vanessa flew the nest in 2001 : when she got her first job and she now lives far away from her parents in her own room with her own furniture. She has friends. She has even got boyfriends (the first one left her after a year : her first broken heart). But she found herself another and got on with her life... she goes on outings, she takes part in activities such as cooking, gymnastics, painting, etc. she loves music and all the up-to-date songs. She went to see one of her favourite groups in concert, her first concert ! and with the telly she is always up to date with everything new. She likes to copy recipes or songs.

She can ride a bicycle and use a computer : games and educational programs.

Her dream is to be a cook ! but, fortunately she also knows to be happy with how she is.

She would also like to live in her own flat ; Perhaps it will happen one day !

June 2009 : Vanessa is training in an other work center for 3 weeks. So she is living at home. We were anxious when she first came by train all by herself. She managed just fine! When not so sure of the right train, she asked to a station officer. When she comes down from the train, she meets her mother at her office and they go home together by motorbike. 

 Since she attended a drawing class, she participated in an exhibition in May 2017 :

August 2015

boat trip

Diploma of honor of boat pilot!!





drawn on computer by Vanessa (04/2003)


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